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  • Preliminary Project Cost Estimation based on Design Brief Reports of specialist consultants.
  • Analysis of Item rates for works put to tender.
  • Estimates of Quantities based on Tendered Design and Drawings.
  • Analysis of Package Cost and Project cost based on tendered drawings.
  • Estimates of Quantities based on Execution Design and Drawings.
  • Analysis of Package Cost and Project cost based on Good for Construction drawings.
  • Floating of Tenders
  • Techno Commercial Evaluation and Analysis of Bids/ Tenders.
  • Preparation of Work orders
  • Comparative Analysis of Budgetary Estimates vs. Tendered Bids.
  • Periodic Evaluation and Reporting of the Financial health of the project based on increase/ decrease in costs of material/ labour, etc. and due to variance in specifications, quantities, etc.
  • Report variance considering the changes in specifications, design, drawings, etc. and on approval by client issue orders to contractor.
  • Checking & Certification of Running Account and Final Bills of Contractors and Vendors.


  • Preparation of Cost Plan.
  • Preparation of Monthly Fund Requirement Plan based on Work Schedules
  • Monitor cost against work completed.
  • Issue Triggers when there is likelihood of Costs over run


  • Scrutiny of Bills & Quantities
  • Evaluate rates of works and check for any abnormality


  • Scrutiny of Indents and Scheduling of procurement considering lead time
  • Drafting of Purchase Orders and Tracking
  • Reconciliation of Material procured and consumed.


  • Preparation of Tender Documents taking technical inputs from the respective specialist design Consultants of the project
  • Audit of Specification of work executed with reference to Contract Specifications
  • Check & Certification of Statutory &Legal Compliances
  • Prepare Drafts for Correspondences with contractors and vendors to protect client’s Contractual interests